Tome of Conquest

Most of this book has been destroyed by time. It began when Cyric ascended to godhood, and continues through his many trials as a god of Faerun. It’s written by a person called the “Shadow’s Shadow”; presumably a title given to a biographer that followed the conquests of Cyric for a hundred years. Most likely more than one person, though the handwriting does not change. Nothing was added since the founding of the new Icewind Dale in 1450.

Legible excerpts:

Spring, 1345. Oghma is dead. The god of the bards, of knowledge and invention was brought down by an unknown hand. It was calculated, for at a time when the Companions of the Silver String, his heroic bardic paladins, found the remains of their god, they were well aware of his death. Their songs had no flavor, and their knowledge no longer seemed worthwhile. The Companions laid their instruments upon his broken and battered body, and other bards soon left their instruments to waste. Never again will Faerun feel music or art. The world is numb.

Fall, 1350. Paladins of Torm and Tyr banded together against the followers of Bane and Asmodeus. The battle raged as their gods watched with pleasure. They even took mortal forms to participate in the battle to end their great enemies. It is said that the great god of war Tempus had a hand in the final battle, but most believe the Dark One played his part. Bane was his sworn enemy, and he held no love for the others. Tempus shifted the battle and entered it with the Orders of the Steel Fang and the Broken Blade – his elite templars. The war ended after a month of fire and blood, and when it was done, not a single knight of any order stood alive. A crater remains in the ancient ruins of Tempus’ Netheril; all that was Anauroch is now a memory.

Winter, 1358. Muhorand is gone, and so are its ten gods. It was destroyed in a brilliant flash, and none who viewed the column of fire from the safety of Thay can still see. The Red Wizards laid claim on this destruction, a fulfillment of a promise they kept with Mystra. With the destruction of Mulhorand, the power of that pantheon lessened, and then the final followers were meticulously hunted down and murdered by the Thay authorities.

Spring, 1359. The twelve gods of Zakhara are presumed dead, as its entire realm has been enveloped in a shroud of darkness from which nothing leaves or enters. All of Zakharan descent dropped dead the moment the land was lost.

Summer, 1359 Very quickly, the minor gods of sentient savages fell under the flag of the One God, the Great One, as they call him. The kuo-toas, saru, derro, merfolk, lizardfolk, abominations, gnolls, beholders, bugbears, illithids, kobolds, troglodytes, goblinoids, sarrukh, aboleths, sahuagin, nagas, yuan-ti, ogres, trolls and korobokuru lost their gods within five years, and happily accepted the One God, who granted them unity and power. The savage races convinced the orcs to abandon Gruumsh and the other five orcish gods in exchange for a leadership role among the new races. When the orcs willingly gave up their pantheon, it crumbled beneath the orcish deities’ feet, sucking them into the nothingness. Or, that’s what we deciphered from the broken reports of half-orcs living within the fray.

Fall, 1359 With the collective power of the savage races, it was easy for the One God and his followers to overtake the nine reclusive and unsuspecting gods fo the Giants, and while he was working them down, the all but Garl Glittergold fell from the gnomish pantheon. Garl lived long enough to seek shelter with the god of good dragons, Bahamut, after laying a trail to the Drow goddess Araushnee (Lolth). The forces of the One God found Lolth without Garl and accused her of working with the gnome, and though they had no initial plans to banish her to Oblivion, she was easily fooled and forgotten. The other six Drow gods fell easily without their mistress.

And when the One God found the quivering Garl Glittergold, he was hiding among the treasures of the great Dragon God Bahamut, who protected Garl like a child.

...perished along with the other Dragon Gods….terrible wizard…fearsome battle…survived by only one…

the rest of the page is burnt and illegible, and several of the next pages are destroyed

Winter 1382 It has been 10 years since the last crop blossomed under Chauntea’s touch. With the forests dead and the animals long since decayed, most sentients have died from starvation, or by their own hand when they realized what had to be done.

The Golden Lady brought the remaining sentients to a small enclave in the coldest lands. She told us it was the only place we were allowed to stay, and that we had angered the One God by insisting on worshiping the old deities. The Golden Lady was sad to tell us this, and her tears brought forth fertile soil beneath our feet that spread to the mountains and the southern ice flow…

She hovered above Icewind Dale, golden as the sun used to be before Lathander was enveloped by the Darkness…

“You belong to the One, but he has given you to me,” the Golden Lady said to the elf king Fennigan, leader of the free sentients. “I must be with the One to keep you safe. As long as your people remain here in the Garden, I have procured your safety. Please forgive me.”

Soon, we were given the rules of the Garden, as delivered by the Shadowkin Guards that would take posts at the southern Ice Flow gates.

  • no sentients shall leave the Garden
  • there is only One God and he is all powerful and all knowing
  • Shadowkin are the voices of the One God, and must be obeyed always
  • no sentients shall praise the primitive false gods
  • each night a sacrifice must be held in His Name
  • families are disbanded and the only organization is the Templars of Unity
  • the One God will walk among you during each new moon, and he will be loved

Tome of Conquest

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