Ancient Scroll

I am the last one who remembers the time before this world. My name is Agafos, and I am the last of the first Mindkind.

I was born with the other Mindkind in the place that was called Elanthia. That land was reformed to what we see now, and few fragments remain. The cities were blindingly brilliant, made of a crystal that was formed by psionic pulse, as were all of our surroundings. The center of our realm was Shard, and the Queen of our Kind lived there in the Blue Palace.

She was the Queen of our people not only due to her grace and wisdom, but also because of her birthright. She was the first Mindkind, created in the Eternal Well of Souls before Time was noticed by clocks and age. It is said that she was created at the same moment as the first Soulkind, and they were originally twins. This is why some said that the Soulkind King had a blue throne in the Castle of Ice; he and his sister were made of the same style. I have never seen the Soulkind Castle, but I know that it was on the Mountain called Lothea, near the river Kelba. But those things are reformed, and lost forever.

Our Queen was fiery as the pits of the abyss, and gentle as the kissing winds. She created us, each of us were her children once. In a way, she was our mother. She never spoke to us, but gave us language of thought.

The War of the Fleshkind and Mindkind

We lived in the Blue City, in Shard, for eons without causing harm. We also did not progress, though, and this caused much concern with the other Kinds. The Soulkind bid us to take them as true partners, because if we did so, we would become a step closer to true life. Our Queen debated this in depth, and after some millennia, decided that we were true to ourselves if we did not give up our focus.

But the Fleshkind grew weary of our indifference, and sent an envoy to meet the Queen. They came with a new creature – a Shadowkind, something that they had discovered in the Well of Souls when all of the others had left. They claimed there was only one, and that it needed a place to grow. The Shadowkind then grabbed the Queen by the Fleshkind Prince’s bidding, and the Prince and Queen merged. He used her mind to grant himself speech and logic, and then ejected her onto the floor of her own palace like waste.

From then on, the Fleshkind and Mindkind were at war.

The Destruction of the Kind

When Shard was destroyed by the Fleshkind, she closed herself in the Blue Palace and fell asleep. We protected her for as long as we could, but the palace was overthrown by the Fleshkind, and the Prince of the Fleshkind threw us to the corners of the world. He then devoured our Mother. The King of the Soulkind had come to protect her, but he was too late, and was consumed by the Fleshkind Prince as well.

Ancient Scroll

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