Ancient Book

Experiment #302:

Day 1. It is my intention to create a perfect Drow Wizard. To do this, I need blood from the most potent of fiends, and… I am researching. Dragonblood is always popular for magical imprints, but it lacks the raw hateful power that I require in my children. I’ll consider it after phase one.

Day 3. I acquired the runic summoning circle for a Shadowplane demon. I decided that this would be the best way to go this time, because the child would inherit the stealth and Shadow control of the simple demons, while inheriting the intelligence and hate of the Drow.

Day 5. Today I impregnated a Drow from the 5th house with a Demon from the Shadow plane named Axyss. A drow takes 11 months from conception to gestation, and I have no idea how long a Shadowdemon takes to mature. We’ll see. I’ve chained the fair “Leexa” up in the basement until the delivery.

Day 7. Leexa didn’t last long. Her womb exploded within a day, and I have to say that now my basement is thoroughly ruined. Fetal shadow demons everywhere. It’s a good thing I didn’t use my own daughter; I have to make sure the infant makes it to adulthood before I use my own blood.

Experiment #303.

Day 15. I tied my second son, Xyrx to the basement floor. He thinks he’s going to be sacraficed, which is about right. I’m summoning the mate of the previous demon, “Axyss” to try again. This one is named simply, “Xylanx”. I think the “X” in the name will have to be a trend in the child’s first name.

Day 16. Xyrx is dead, but lucky for him that he died in the throes of passion. With a demon. But the point is, Xylanx is quite pregnant thanks to my spell of erotic need (which I stole from the dryad in my study… I kept it as a momento of the Surface raid from my youth.)

Day 20. Xylanx looks nearly 7 months pregnant by Drow standards. I have been feeding her a steady died of bugbears and goblins, but she seems lethargic. I may need to send her some other sort of beast instead.

Day 22. After much experimenting, I have discovered that shadowdemons actually prefer to consume creatures that sing. Xylanx had eaten several songbirds that escaped from the aviary yesterday, and so I threw in our court bard and she graciously devoured him. Just for measure, I threw in the chef, and she only casually gutted him. I’ll be sending in a few more jesters tomorrow. She’s near her delivery, so this won’t take long.

Day 24. It’s a girl. I named her Xyla. She has already doubled in weight since her birth, and this concerns me. I do not want a large demonchild, so she simply will not do. I may breed her though, and dispose of her later. Too bad, she looks like her grandmother. Lolth best her soul.

Day 53. Xyla is a full adult now. I spent the past month finding the rare ingredient, “Wellite”, which is a crystal that grows in rocks near the spine of the earth. These crystals are said to be shards from the first soul, but the important thing is that they are like death to a Shadow creature. When stabbed into its body, the light literally disintegrates the beast. If Xyla can withstand this, I will breed her.

Day 55. Xyla has taken a terrible hit to her body, but she’s alive. I think she would die with two of these Wellites though. It seems that a half Shadow creature needs two, and maybe a fouth will need four. I’ll experiment later.

Experiment #304.

Day 75. I have procured a young adult black dragon named “Ithftxyhnzeg” or some such nonsense. He was taken by my house as a trophy, and is now trapped in his human form by way of the Scalefail amulet – a device of my own design. It prohibits the wearer, if dragonblooded, from removing the necklace, makes the dragon desire the amulet and want to keep it (even if its own mate wanted the amulet, the dragon would rather die than give it up), and then the kicker… it prevents the dragon from shifting. Whatever form the dragon was in when it saw the necklace is the form it stays in. I know, I’m brilliant.

Day 80. Turns out that even the dryad’s sexual spell didn’t work on Ithxyfthnzeg. I had to use some of the dryad’s (or dryan, perhaps) “blood”. It’s a helpful plant, and I found that in addition to being a great sexual stimulant, it also is an excellent salve for burns. I’ve read dryan hair works especially well as a fiber supplement, but that’s for an entirely different diary.

Day 120. It appears that Xyla and Ithytxhnzeg have mated successfully. Xyla is showing a small bulge, but since it can take years for a dragon to give birth, this may take some time. I’m hoping the demon blood speeds up the process, because otherwise I’m going to need to start a side experiment.

Experiment #305.

Day 302. I’ve been working on a side bloodline while Xyla has been gestating. This one uses Illythid and Drow blood to create a truly telepathic dark elf. I believe it will be the next step in Drow evolution. As such, I have named these things, “Xylasian”, as I am their creator, and their God.

Day 487. I have produced twelve Xylasians; eight female, four male. Their mental powers are suppressed by black runes of Garnt (of which there exists only two, and I control them both.)

Day 653. Xyla has given birth to a girl. She wanted to name it after its father, Ithyxnthzedg. Wanted to call the child, “Ithxya” or some madness. I had Ithxyxthxzeg dumped off near the edge of the known Underdark as a courtesy. I kept the amulet, though, and told him that if he came near me, he’d find himself raped by a demon named Leexa. He’ll stay away. I’m getting soft in my old age.

Year 3, Day 233. I realized I should just switched to years for this diary. In any case, the child of Xyla is taking forever to grow. Almost to the scale of an actual Drow. It appears to be only two years old now, so I will continue to allow it to live while I prepare the crossbreed for it.

Year 8, Day 12. Xyla’s child, Alyxa, is about 6 years old, give or take. She has proven to be quite Drow-like already, and has slayed her own mother for the extra room in her tower. This one may be a keeper. In other news, the Xylasians now are numbered at 32, with 20 female and 12 male, and are kept in the east dungeon of the estate. Their compound can only be opened with my Garnt rune, which controls their telepathic abilities. I currently have their telepathic communication and control reduced to null.

Year 23, Day 145. Alyxa is larger than the average Drow, and has leathery draconic wings, but otherwise her personality is just as deceitful as my own. I have already begun a Xylasian bloodline for her, and hope that this will be the final touch to my perfect race.

Year 38, Day 2. Alyxa is now 36 years old. For a drow, she’s barely sexually mature, but for a part demon, she’s long overdue. Her dragonblood also slowed her down, but she has begun to show signs of maturity. I plan to have her bred by her 40th birthday.

Year 42, Day 37. The Xylasian bloodline is now complete. It has been 40 years of interbreeding that has created the perfect psionic and telepathic drow. I have finally eliminated their need to eat brains, and their unnsightly tentacles. For all intents and purposes, they are Drow but they have a telepathic mind. I am using the male “Xyxyx” of the 10th generation Xylasian brood as Alyxa’s mate.

Year 43, Day 30. It took almost a year for Alyxa to give birth to Xylax, a male. He is quite small, and has insectile wings, no doubt from the dragon side mixed with the illithid bug-like ancestry. He is a month old, but still the size of a doll. He has, however, already proven that he has mental powers.

Year 55, Day 132. Xylax is a bit diluted for my tastes. His demonic and drow blood are faint, so I will return to that in the next batch.

Year 84, Day 12. It is done. The perfect child is here. “Xyrx” is his name, and I have created him in my image. He is a mixture of shadow demon, drow, illithid (Xylasian), and dragon bloods, and is completely telepathic. He will be the first of this new race, and I will breed him with his sister, “Axiss” (just born) to ensure the line propagates.

Year 90, Day 300. The child “Xyraxis” is born. He is a tiny thing, with leathery insect wings and telepathy to match a god. He is my legacy, and he will carry the Xylas name, as he is mine.

Year 103, Day 301. Xyraxis is now 13 years old, and I am nearing 1300. I have devised a plan to transfer my memories to him via the illithid link that I have harvested from their minds. If all goes well, I will become Xyraxis tonight.

Year 103, Day 302. Xylas is dead, but his name lives on. I am Xyraxis, and I am a_ Xylas, and in fact, _thee Xylas.

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